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IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems Ltd.
35-111 Chartrand Ave
P.O. Box 220
Logan Lake, BC
Canada, V0K 1W0
1-888-502-2468 or 604-628-3367

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IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum Applications

The IVAC Industrial Vacuum System has many varied uses. Industrial users include mines, oil and gas extraction sites, refineries, commercial ports, and many others. The IVAC Industrial Vacuum System can move sand, rock, liquids, and slurries.

IVAC Details

The IVAC Industrial Vacuum System is powered by compressed air, and capable of moving common materials long-distance.


  • Environmental Clean-up
  • Mucking Ditches
  • Conveyor & Loading Pocket
  • Shaft Bottom Clean-up & Sump
  • Placing sand, concrete & gravel
  • Mucking Raisebore & drill cuttings
  • Pumping of difficult material and sludges
  • Replaces Vacuum Trucks
  • Mine Clean-up
  • Mine Vacuum
  • Industrial Vacuum
  • Conveyor Vacuum
  • Conveyor Clean-up
  • Crusher Vacuum
  • Crusher Clean-up
  • Vacuum Truck
  • Vac Truck
  • Coal, Coal Clean-up
  • Sludge, Sludge Clean-up
  • Dust, Dust Clean-up
  • Mud, Mud Clean-up
  • Coal Dust Vacuum
  • Sawdust, Sawdust Clean-up
  • Compressed Air, Compressed Air Vacuum
  • Pneumatic, Pneumatic Vacuum
  • Pneumatic Clean-up
  • Wet Vacuum, Wet Vac
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum, Wet/Dry Vac
  • Mine Sump, Sump Pump, Sump Pumping
  • Materials Transfer