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IVAC Vacuum System

The IVAC Vacuum System has been delivering our clients' difficult material all over the world! From the Arctic to the Equator & East to West. IVAC equipment has been performing seemingly impossible feats of materials transfer!

Wet or Dry, the materials transferred have been media like sand, gravel, rock, sludge, and slimes; anything that regular equipment finds difficult to pump!

IVAC Industrial Vacuum Units operate on compressed air and offer many years of trouble free service.

IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems provide portable and diverse units in Canada, U.S.A and the world over. Our Vacuum units are capable of handling the most difficult of materials and feature a unique delivery system. Powered by compressed air, the pneumatic units easily move products such as gravel, sand, rocks, and sludge, and are capable of delivering them to any desired location. Our vacuums have been used in a number of applications, from mining solutions to environmental and factory spill clean-ups. There are endless possibilities and applications for the IVAC Industrial Vacuum! The PV500 is our deluxe sand, sump, rock, slurry, and water handling industrial vacuum system.

Save time and reduce accidents with our portable vacuum units. Our products are great for conveyor gallery, crusher station, loading pocket and take-up tower clean-ups. We promise power and quality with every purchase, and maintain an excellent customer satisfaction rate. IVAC, Industrial Vacuum, Industrial Vacuum in canada, Industrial Vacuum Systems, Industrial Vacuum Systems in canada, Mine Vac, Mine Vac in Canada, Mine Vacuum, Mine Vacuum in canada, sand conveyor, sand conveyor in canada, sand conveying, sand conveying in canada, conveyor clean-up, conveyor clean-up in canada, conveyor cleaning, conveyor cleaning in canada, crusher cleaning, crusher cleaning in canada, coal pumping, coal pumping in canada, coal pump, coal pump in canada, Sump pumping, Sump pumping in U.S.A, Canada, sludge pump, sludge pump in USA, Canada, sludge pumping, sludge pumping in canada, compressed air vacuum, compressed air vacuum in canada, Pneumatic Vacuum, Pneumatic Vacuum in canada, Wet & Dry vacuum, Wet & Dry vacuum in canada, Soil pumping, Soil pumping in canada, Sand Pumping, Sand Pumping in canada, Sand Pump, Sand Pump in canada, Rock Pump, Rock Pump in canada, Rock pumping, Rock pumping in canada, mine sump pumping, mine sump pumping in canada

With our IVAC Suction Assitant you are able to "Vacuum Up" from elevations greater than 28 feet (The normal limit for most pumps and vacs) IVAC PV500 and a Suction Assitant can utilize your suction hose to lift materials from over a hundred feet below! Of course our discharge is also capable of hundreds of meters vertical and kilometers horizontal. See it in action on our video page or go to it directly here: Suction UP IVAC Video

IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems Ltd. heavy-duty industrial vacuum units are known as being the most reliable and safest in the industry and are great for sumps, ditches, conveyor gallery, crusher station, loading pocket, and take-up tower clean-ups. Units are capable of handling the most difficult of materials, wet or dry, and feature a unique delivery system as well as a powerful vacuum. Powered by compressed air, IVAC units easily move products such as gravel, sand, rock, slimes and sludge to any desired location. Usable as fixed or portable vacuum systems, the units are able to transfer material short distances or kilometres to remote locations through a pipeline. IVAC's industrial vacuum/pneumatic conveying units offer unique solutions for your clean-up requirements. The PV500 is IVAC’s deluxe sand, sump, rock, slurry and water handling industrial vacuum system.

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Recent Applications of IVAC Vacuum Systems

PV500 IVAC units are capable of performing in various situations, and can handle a number of different, difficult materials. Here you will find in-depth descriptions of various projects the units have undertaken and excelled in.

SIFTO SALT SHAFT - Bottom Clean-Up

IVAC PV500 Salt Mine Site
IVAC PV500 Salt Mine Site


The Sifto salt mine, surface mill and loading facilities were developed in 1959. Offering access to transportation by road, rail and water, the plant site was built-up largely from fill in Goderich harbour, Ontario. Sifto's first mine shaft is circular, measures 4.88m (16 feet) across and is completely concrete lined. The shaft extends from the surface down to the bottom of the salt beds a distance of 549m (1,800 feet). A second shaft, also 4.88m (16 feet) in diameter, is located 61m (200 feet) away. The first shaft is used for hoisting salt to the surface while the second shaft is for ventilation, personnel and equipment.


Through years of use the bottom of the first shaft had built up debris that had fallen from the skips during the skipping process, as well as sludge that had migrated down from the mining levels above. The material build-up was encroaching towards the cheese weights that are hanging down on cables to the shaft bottom; cheese weights make up part of the hoisting mechanical installation and are required to hang free and straight.

IVAC PV500 Salt Mine Project
IVAC PV500 Salt Mine Project


It was decided that the IVAC PV500 Vacuum Delivery unit would be used to pick up and deposit the materials on the mining level above to allow equipment to access them for disposal. Due to bulkheads installed in the shaft just under the mining level that would not allow the vacuum equipment down the shaft any further, it was a requirement that the vacuum be placed on the level near the shaft and about thirty meters of hose was hung down the shaft for picking up the material. The vacuum equipment picked up the material and deposited it on the mining level. Three meters of the material was removed to expose the shaft bottom and to allow the weights to hang free. The vacuum equipment has been involved in many mine shaft projects. Many projects have required that the vacuum unit send the material one hundred and fifty meters above the work site to a loading pocket for disposal.

As demonstrated by the Sifto Salt mine project, the IVAC units prove capable in complicated situations. The vacuum is not hindered by distance or difficult materials, and will perform up to standards in all situations.

An IVAC vacuum unit will prove itself as a cost-effective and productive way of providing solutions for your difficult clean-up requirements. The vacuum can handle many different and difficult materials, wet or dry, from sludge, sand, gravel and rock to water and drill cuttings. It is able to pick-up and deliver materials long distances.


In mines below surface drainage, areas must be provided to store the water before it is pumped to the surface and discharged. Adequate pumping capacity is the only permanent solution to removing water from a mine. A place must be provided for the fines to settle out of the water so they do not damage the expensive high head pump impellers.

IVAC PV500 Sump and Ditch Clean-Out
IVAC PV500 Sump and Ditch Clean-Out

The sumps must be cleaned of the fines on a regular basis, or costly failure of pumps occurs. Such failures will lead to many mine de-watering issues. A common but very costly method of removing the fines requires the utilization of a scooptram (underground loader). The scooptram is used to pick-up and then relocate the unwanted material to a disposal area. This in itself poses many expensive and commonly overlooked costs to the mining operation, including premature wear and equipment failure on the mobile equipment. Scooptrams are intended to be used for mining ore, so using them for this application not only poses mechanical issues but also causes the equipment to cease productivity while moving the fines. These costs are severely underestimated because the equipment failures do not usually occur right away. The damages done to brakes, differentials and engines are not immediately identified as being due to the improper use of the equipment, and scooptram operation is costly without such damages. Another issue in using scooptrams for this application is their inability to properly handle the materials. Often much of the load is accidentally dropped from the bucket, leaving ramps and haulage ways covered in slime and sludge.

6yd Scooptram vs. PV500 Vacuum/Delivery unit
Assume Distance to Sump from De-Canting Location = 400m

RATE: $250/hr

4.6 cubic meters every 10 minutes = 27.6m/hr
Cost for Scoop and Miner ($325/hr) = $11.77 per cubic meter

(Scooptram Costs Do Not Include Loss of Mining Production)
IVAC PV500 Unit


4.6 cubic meters every 5 minutes (continuous) = 55.2 cubic meters/hr
Cost of Vacuum and Miner ($95/hr) = $1.72 per cubic meter

As demonstrated by the above cost comparison, using an IVAC PV500 unit is cost efficient and easily justifiable. Since we can move the equivalent amount of material of a six yard bucketful in under five minutes to a remote location, the slimes are moved for a fraction of the cost as compared to mobile equipment originally intended for mining. With practically zero maintenance costs and the ability to “muck” 100,000 litres per hour of slimes, it is obvious that using an IVAC PV500 unit is more efficient and safe than using a scooptram.

Versus the scooptram, the IVAC unit is performing as it is intended; thus, it is easily determined that the IVAC PV500 Vacuum delivery unit would be the most economical, safest and also the most expedient way to muck out a sump.

IVAC PV500 Sump Sludge and Sand Clean Out
IVAC PV500 Sump Sludge and Sand Clean Out


IVAC PV500 Mine Tailings, Sand & Rock Vacuum/Pump
IVAC PV500 Mine Tailings, Sand & Rock Vacuum/Pump


Kidd Creek Mines near Timmins, Ontario, Canada, is a world class mining operation. The mine began operation in 1966, producing copper, zinc, indium, cadmium, silver and sulphuric acid. The deposit is one of the largest and richest volcanic sulphide deposits in the world. There is an underground mine, copper smelter and refinery, zinc plant, cadmium plant, indium plant, sulphuric acid plant, and exploration office. Kidd Creek’s concentrating, smelting and refining processes are among the most advanced in the world.


A breach occurred in the dam at their tailing containment area resulting in contaminants leaching into a creek about eight-hundred meters away. The deepest points in both the pond and creek were about ten feet. The mine operators repaired the dam and wanted to clean-up the creek area. The use of conventional means would require roads being pushed in along the shores, long reach excavators employed to remove the sediments, and trucks to move the material back into the containment area. The damage to the area would virtually exceed the damage done with the tailings leak since a large mess would be created, including the removal of vegetation and the stirring up of the pond water.

IVAC PV500 Winter Rock/Sand Tailings Pump Vacuum
IVAC PV500 Winter Rock/Sand Tailings Pump Vacuum


It was decided that the IVAC PV500 Vacuum delivery unit would be used to remove the sediments from the pond bottom and move them back into the tailing area. This would allow the project to be much more cost effective and not cause the environmental damage to the surrounding area.

The work was completed in winter so that the ice would provide a work platform for the men and equipment. The vacuum equipment was hoarded inside because temperatures reached minus 40 below. Slots were cut into the ice with chainsaws and the material was picked up off the pond bottom through ten feet of water.

IVAC PV500 Tailings Spill Rock/Sand Pump Vacuum Cleanup Project
IVAC PV500 Tailings Spill Rock/Sand Pump Vacuum Clean-up Project

The picked up contaminants were sent about 800 meters back into the tailing area once the dam was repaired. The vacuum equipment has been used to move materials long distances horizontally as well as vertically. Such materials have included sludge from sumps and rock materials from mine shaft bottoms. A vacuum unit can prove itself as an environmentally sound, cost-effective and productive way of providing solutions for your difficult clean-up requirements.

PV500 Discharge Hose/Pipe In Situ
PV500 Discharge Hose/Pipe - Tailings Spill


PV500 Mine Ventilation Sand Vacuum
PV500 Mine Ventilation Sand Vacuum


Underground mine ventilation provides a flow of air to the underground workings of a mine of sufficient volume to dilute and remove noxious gases (typically NO, SO2, methane, CO2 and CO). The source of these gases is equipment that runs on diesel engines, blasting with explosives, and the ore body itself. The largest component of the operating cost for mine ventilation is electricity to power the ventilation fans, which may account for one third of the electrical power cost for a typical underground mine.

Flow-through ventilation is the main ventilation circuit of a mine. Air enters the mine via internal ventilation raises and ramps, and flows are controlled by regulators and permanently mounted ventilation fans. An auxiliary ventilation system takes air from the flow-through system and distributes it to the mines workings via temporarily mounted ventilation fans, venturi and disposable fabric, or steel ducting. A mine had a drift (tunnel) that was by-passing the costly ventilation air-flow, subsequently not allowing the air to do its job. The drift that was by-passing the ventilation air-flow had no access available for men or equipment due to its awkward location as a result of ongoing mining operations.

It was determined that the IVAC PV500 Vacuum delivery unit would be the most economical, safest and most expedient way to stop the air loss. A four inch drill hole was drilled thirty meters through the rock from an accessible drift location to the area required to be blocked off. Sand was brought in from the surface with heavy equipment to feed the vacuum suction side which was pumped in until the drift area was completely plugged off and therefore not allowing the ventilation air to flow through it.

IVAC PV500 Mine Ventilation Implementation
IVAC PV500 Mine Ventilation Implementation

IVAC PV Vacuum Systems

The vacuum/delivery units that we manufacture, sell, rent and contract use the best materials available to ensure that your projects are completed in a safe and timely manner. The design is engineered to provide you with years of trouble free service as we use only three moving parts; they are rugged knife gate valves. No material comes in contact with any moving parts, and any possible wear areas are protected with replaceable liner plates. The equipment is manufactured in a certified shop using the best procedures available. The equipment goes through a quality controlled process, and is approved and certified by a government inspector. The work is performed by tradesmen that take pride in their work and are at the top of their fields.

IVAC PV500 Pneumatic Sand/Rock/Sludge Vacuum Pump
IVAC PV SAND/ROCK VACUUM/PUMP - Pneumatic Material Transfer

A vacuum unit will prove itself as a cost-effective and productive way of providing solutions for your difficult clean-up requirements. The vacuum can handle many different and difficult materials. Because of the vacuum's constant pick-up and delivery our units are able to move large quantities of materials in a regular shift, beating conventional methods hands-down and releasing manpower from some of the unsafe and mundane tasks like shovelling! While a man might have trouble shovelling one hundred and twenty tons of sand in a shift, an IVAC vacuum can easily “sling” it!.


The unit is available FOB Vancouver BC, Canada.

Kindly call us today to discuss your project. We will be happy to assist you. If local, the opportunity is always open for you to come in to the shop and let us demonstrate the vacuum system for you. We look forward to hearing from you! Delivery is generally 4–6 weeks upon order; sometimes units are available for immediate shipping. Please check with us to see where your unit is in the manufacturing process. The vacuum units are certified and they are government inspected before they leave.

IVAC PV500 Pneumatic Sand/Rock/Sludge Vacuum Pump
IVAC PV500 Pneumatic Sand/Rock/Sludge Vacuum Pump
Q: I understand that the vacuum can pick up and deliver various products, but for how far?
A: The vacuum is capable of delivering your products 2km horizontally and 200m vertically. We’ve even picked up contaminated soils under 3m of water!
Q: What maintenance is required, and where do I get parts?
A: The unit is virtually maintenance free because there are only 3 moving parts. Additionally, any wear areas are protected with a replaceable liner plate. All switches and control valves are available worldwide.
Q: What type of pick-up and discharge hose or pipe is used?
A: Pick-up is usually done using a quality suction hose. We have different hoses available and offer you a 30% discount on all fittings.
Q: How does it work?
A: Vacuum is created in the pressure vessel using compressed air to power it. The same compressed air pushes the material from the tank and sends it long distances. A timer controls the functions.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about the PV500 IVAC unit. Please use the following means of communication to contact us today!

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IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum Applications

The IVAC Industrial Vacuum System has many uses. Industrial users include mines, U.S.A, oil and gas extraction sites, refineries, commercial ports, and many others. The IVAC Industrial Vacuum System can move sand, rock, liquids, and slurries.

IVAC Details

The IVAC Industrial Vacuum System is powered by compressed air, and capable of moving common materials long-distance.